A Journey to Optimal Health!


It all started in 2009 when my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. This was a complete shock to us, as mum had always been so healthy. She was eating organically before organic was a thing. She always took us children to a naturopath before we went to a doctor. She was meditating and chanting before meditating and chanting were cool. I consider myself incredibly lucky to have had my mother instill health knowledge and practices into my life, because of her, I was able to heal when shit hit the fan and dis-ease wreaked havoc on my body.

The thing was, five years before my mum passed away, she went through a very traumatic period with her siblings. She didn’t know how to emotionally heal from this trauma. At the time, we didn’t realize the impact this would have on her health. Fast forward to May 2010, a short seven months after her diagnosis, when we quite suddenly lost mum. Two weeks before, we were told we could have another 20 years, and only two days before mum passed away, we were told we only had two years. This story became the most traumatic experience of my life. 

Three months after losing mum, my teenage boyfriend came back into my life -Tyson. It was exactly what I needed at this tragic time. In my darkest days, he was my guiding light. We got married in 2013, on the surface all seemed amazing, but internally I was suffering. I had suppressed my grief out of pure shock and anger. Four months after losing mum, I developed eczema covering my back and arms, which I would lather in steroid cream for instant relief.

Tyson and I moved to LA In 2014 and things went from bad to worse; I was exhausted, my eczema covered my entire body, and I was functioning on only two-four hours of sleep each night (for four years)! My mind was racing, my body was aching, my hips were twisted. When I was asleep, I was having traumatic dreams of my mum. I was always cold, even when it was warm. I had arthritis in my wrists and fingers, I had brain fog and extreme weight loss, I was depleted and incredibly sad, and I was angry! I had been suffering from anxiety for years.

In late 2015 I honestly thought I was dying. I had just lost a pregnancy and my body was so weak, I wasn’t recovering from my miscarriage and didn’t realize that my situation could get more ruinous. I desperately wanted to be healthy and happy but didn’t know where to start. I spent hours searching for a doctor who aligned with my personal preference of health. When I found her, she was very thorough, we did all the tests. This was when I was diagnosed with candida and Hashimoto’s thyroiditis disease (among many other diagnoses). I remember her saying to me that the inflammation in my body was so bad, I was five to ten years away from serious disease, like cancer. At 32 that was not something you want to hear. I knew in that moment that I had to walk the path of healing, in my own way. Mum had instilled so much in me, and with my doctor guiding me, it was time to wholeheartedly focus on healing myself. 

After three solid years of dedication to my new healthy lifestyle, people began to notice a positive shift in my appearance and energy, and were wanting to know how I put my hashimoto’s and hypothyroid disease into remission.

How did I do it? Through dedication to my healthy eating habits and my daily rituals (and a lot of detoxing under the guidance of my doctor). I now wake up every morning after eight high-quality hours of sleep, I am thriving through daily movement, meditation, consuming celery juice and bone broth, and eating organic vegetables and grass-fed meats. This is how Bulkbox Foods was born; we wanted to spread the gift of health to as many people as we could reach.

I urge anyone who is not getting rested sleep, has any anxiety, stress, body pain, digestive or gut issues, to start with removing food that is toxic to your body and start incorporating healing foods - start with Bulkbox : ) 

Today I am passionately living my healthiest and happiest life, doubly as hard, for my Mumma and me. Let food be thy medicine and I promise you, your life will be so fulfilled.

I have learned so much and spoken to so many people. From these experiences and my genuinely first-hand journey of healing, my goal is to talk, to open up a dialog, and to build a supportive community together. 

I want to bring fruitful conversations to this platform, between others and me, who have chosen a path of healing, in the hopes that I can inspire this community to walk the journey to optimum health with us.

Have you started your journey to optimum health? I would love to hear your tips. If you have any questions about mine, please, ask away.

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Health and happiness,

Bridgette xx


  • Sari Sheehan

    Bridgette your entire story from start to finish is incredible! The epic health journey and emotional journey you have been on is no small feat. This article really highlights how you can turn things around even when it seems impossible.
    It’s really interesting that most often we don’t connect that emotional stress can trigger a reaction in the body, coupled with not eating the right foods for healing.
    So many suffer from undiagnosed issues now that we just accept a downgraded version of living.
    Your return to optimal health and the dedication you have shown to using food as thy medicine is so inspiring. Thank you!
    I can’t wait to follow your suggestions to improve my own digestive issues.

  • Ally

    Wow, an incredibly heartbreaking story, yet filled with so many inspiring and encouraging words. I saw your recipes are created by Pete Evans – I love him! Do you have any plans to bring bulkbox to Australia in the future? I loved the accessibility of everything health, healing and wellness when I was in LA a few years back, but I feel like Australia still lacks a little bit with this sort of thing. I have many friends with Hashimoto’s here in Aus, and sadly they are all on medication for life! If only there was more awareness out there of how possible it is to heal through diet as you have done 👏

  • Dominic

    Wow Bridgette! Thank you for opening yourself and sharing your tribulations 😪 It really does illustrate the power of food & self-determination 🥬💪 but also the difficulty to find the right, simple lifestyle choices (even with your darling mum’s influence).
    So I’m curious to know what type of doctor or support network helped you focus on the the path of nutrition?

    Also, I had a chronic irritated gut issue for a decade and I’m now doing everything I can to heal it
    So last week I took your advice for making bone broth (delicious btw) – what do you think is the optimum consumption rate?

    Thank you 🙏

  • Tyson


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